Camerimage Film Festival - a home of legendary music videos and their creators! 


This year the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE will hold the next installment of the programme called “Music Videos: The Master Class Series". For individual presentations we invite some acknowledged veteran music video filmmakers and talented and experienced representatives of the new generation who show the Camerimage participants their chosen music videos and talk about how they were made, what the idea behind them was, what the solutions used are etc.

This annual series presents the unceasing growth of the importance of music videos in popular culture and increases the awareness of the means used to create those audiovisual forms, thus exposing their often underappreciated artistic value. The programme attracts the attention of students of film schools, aspiring filmmakers, industry professionals and every person interested in music videos' magic. It is a platform for presentations of the best music videos in the history of the genre.

In the previous years directors Samuel Bayer, Andy Morahan, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, and cinematographers Daniel Pearl, Chris Probst, Chris Doyle, Chris Soos as well as Piotr Glaca, a musician, held their presentations to a large crowd of festival attendees.

This year a special presentation will feature the amazing work by JONAS ÅKERLUND announced at a later date. 





Michael Linday-Hogg's prentation moderated by and Piotr Metz, Camerimage 2012
photo by Natalia Mentkowska

Chris Doyle's presentation, Camerimage 2012
photo by Natalia Mentkowska


Samuel Bayer's presentation, Camerimage 2013
photo by Wojciech Gruszczyński