23rd Camerimage Film Festival will once again run its filmmaking advisory program Talent Demo. This initiative is addressed primarily to students of film and art schools as well as independent filmmakers who will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their projects to film industry experts: cinematographers, directors, producers, distributors, talent agents, etc.

Talent Demo participants will be selected based on their applications. Those invited to the program will have an opportunity to present their projects to industry professionals and discuss their career path with them.

Last year, our Talent Demo board of experts was composed of the following acclaimed professionals: Dorota Chamczyk (documentary films director, producer, TVN), Scott Franklin (film producer), Moritz Hemminger (film producer, ARRI Worldsales), Albert Hughes (director, producer), Stephen Lighthill (cinematographer), Jay Rosenblatt (director, producer, documentary filmmaker, editor), Nancy Schreiber (cinematographer), Irena Strzałkowska (film producer), Martin Walsh (editor).

The panel of experts for this year’s instalment of Talent Demo will be selected after careful analysis of all successful applications and announced on a later date.

Deadline for submissions: 16 October 2015.

Talent Demo session will be held between 16th and 20th November.

Documents to download:

Talent Demo rules

Please direct all inquiries to Agnieszka Maciesowicz agnieszka.m@camerimage.pl
Albert Hughes, Talent Demo 2014, photo by Ewelina Kamińska
We figured it would be nice to provide our Talent Demo participants with a chance to show their completed film projects to the world. We are happy that taking part in the program helped them finish what they started and it’s our pleasure to support them with that extra bit of international film festival exposure.

The film screened as part of Talent Demo Showcase will be a short entitled Umbra by Urszula Nawrot.

Read on below for more about the film and take a look at the Umbra trailer!
Still from "Umbra"


(latin) shade, shadow, dark area

Umbra is intended as an artistic film. Its core motif of the search for oneself, answers the questions: Who am I? What am I? How am I?

The protagonist, Alice, experiences sexual abuse as a child, which is ignored and negated by those in her surroundings. Silence causes the abuse to be pushed out of her consciousness. The consequences, however, are apparent in her life, which appears to her as a dream in which the boundaries between the real and surreal are elusive. Alice struggles alone with her illusions about the world and herself. To discover the truth, she embarks on a journey inside herself.

You can wath the trailer below.