We announce the line-up of the Student Etudes Competition of the 23rd edition of the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE.
First held in 1997, Student Etudes Competition supports the development of novice filmmakers and provides unique opportunity to confront cinematic achievements of students from various parts of the world. Each year, a growing number of film schools submit their best etudes for consideration of the Camerimage selection committee. The winners are chosen by an international jury of prominent filmmakers and industry professionals.

The author of the best cinematography wins the coveted Laszlo Kovacs Student Award - The Golden Tadpole. Silver and Bronze Tadpoles are awarded for the second and third place respectively. Additionally, Polish Filmmakers Association will award the winner of the Student Etudes Competition a cheque for PLN 10 000.


Once upon a time in America... Two teenagers—Anka and Dzastina—play around with dreams about a better life. The two inseparable friends, bored with their everyday existence, decide to hitch-hike. A meant-to-be-innocent adventure changes into an emotional game in which truth intertwines with fiction and a sequence of events irreversibly changes the mutual relations of the characters and their perspectives of the existing world.
Original title: Ameryka
Director: Aleksandra Terpińska
Cinematographer: Bartosz Bieniek
School: Uniwersytet Śląski - Wydział Radia i Telewizji im. K. Kieślowskiego (UŚ WRiTv)
Poland, 2015

Boy Murder, The

When the body of 13-year-old Donnie Gleeson is found in the small semi-rural community of Churchestown, the tragedy is labelled a suicide. Senior year schoolboy Richard Kelly becomes embroiled in the emotional aftermath when evidence suggests he was acquainted with the deceased. Suffering from mental health issues of his own, Richard is forced to wade through a hallucinogenic and violent mental landscape in an effort to identify his place amidst the tragic events.
Through sessions with his therapist, Dr Keelen Molloy, and an investigation into the panels of a comic book left behind by Donnie before his death, Richard comes into brutal conflict with not only the world around him but his own sanity as he is embroiled in a search for answers and personal redemption.
Original title: The Boy Murder
Director: Ciarán Hickey
Cinematographer: Oisín Lowry
School: Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT)
Ireland, 2015


A troubled old businessman finds himself looking at the world upside down through a hotel room where time runs backwards.
Original title: Chronos
Director: Martin Kazimir
Cinematographer: Martin Chlpik
School: Vysoká škola múzických umení v Bratislave - Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (FTF VŠMU)
Slovakia, 2015

Day One

Inspired by a true story, an Afghan-American woman just out of a divorce joins the US Military as an interpreter. On her first day of deployment in Afghanistan, her unit searches out the remote house of a bomb-maker. When the bomb-maker’s pregnant wife goes into labour, the interpreter must go beyond the call of duty to deliver her breech child.
Original title: Day One
Director: Henry Hughes
Cinematographer: Kee Kyung
School: AFI - American Film Institute Conservatory
USA, 2015

Days With My Father

A story based on the memories of the main character, who spends their last days with their father who is diagnosed with senile dementia.
Original title: Dni z moim tatą
Director: Miłosz Kasiura
Cinematographer: Miłosz Kasiura
School: Szkoła Filmowa w Łodzi
Poland, 2015

Dream, The

The story is based on a relationship between a daughter and her mother.
There are three time lines. The first is a flashback when the mother is coming to the hospital and enters the room where her mother used to be. This line is cut into by parts of a dream. The dream parts take place in the white house where the daughter is saying goodbye to her mother.
The end of this story is the present, where the small daughter’s daughter comes to her and wakes her up from the dream.
Original title: Sen
Director: Jana Hojdová
Cinematographer: Jana Hojdová
School: Filmová a televizní fakulta Akademie múzických umění v Praze - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)
Czech Republic, 2014


A young girl explores the unknown world of her new foster family and cautiously tries to make this new place her home. However, she seems to keep longing for something else.
Original title: Fernweh
Director: Ena Sendijarevic
Cinematographer: Aafke Beernink
School: Nederlandse Filmacademie - Netherlands Film Academy (AHK)
Netherlands, 2014


Istanbul 2014—A tense environment accompanied by demonstrations due to political repression.
Aslı gives shelter to a young political activist who has got into a fight with the police. The police investigate the case and ends up questioning Aslı’s family. Her husband gets drawn into the affair. Their lives, as well as their son’s, start to become compromised. The situation escalates when Aslı is not willing to cooperate with the investigators.
Original title: Sadakat
Director: Ilker Çatak
Cinematographer: Florian Mag
School: Hamburg Media School (HMS)
Germany, 2014


When an emotionally self-destructive rock star starts to lose his hearing, his personal and professional lives begin to unravel and cause him to question the relentless pursuit of his desires.
Original title: Frontman
Director: Matthew Gentile
Cinematographer: Todd Sheridan
School: AFI - American Film Institute Conservatory
USA, 2015

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon

In Genghis Khan’s last days, an encounter with a wizard sends him to the Moon. Just as the medieval antihero thinks he’s made his greatest conquest, he finds himself on a spiritual quest, realizing the absurd clash between one man’s need and the silence of the universe.
Original title: Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon
Director: Kerry Yang
Cinematographers: Noah Kistler, Guan Xi
School: University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts
USA, 2015

Killing Time

Confined in one room, Arik and Alona embark on a nostalgic trip through time and space where past and future will collide. Through their journey, the two will come to realize that clinging to sentimentality isn’t the solution to their problems. The past must remain in the past, the future doesn’t exist, and the present is all there is.
Original title: Zman Laharog
Director: Rafael Shor
Cinematographer: Eli Arenson
School: Minshar For Art
Israel, 2015

Massacre in San José

Don Alejo is an old man who has lived his entire life at his ranch, away from all the violence and injustice of the Mexican territories. But the day his property gets taken away from him, he is forced to defend himself and fight back for what matters most to him.
Original title: Masacre en San José
Director: Edgar Nito
Cinematographer: Ricardo Garfias
School: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC)
Mexico, 2015

More Hate Than Fear

X is a graffiti artist who is attempting to navigate the first months of his 3½ year prison sentence. He slowly learns how to cope with encounters with the inmates that surround him.
Original title: More Hate Than Fear
Director: Billy Boyd Cape
Cinematographer: Molly Manning Walker
School: Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)
UK, 2015

Now That I'm Home

After many years, Stepan has finally decided to return home—just as his daughter, Nela, has managed to live her own life without a father… or so she thought.
Original title: Now That I'm Home
Director: Valerio Mendoza
Cinematographer: Andrés Morales
School: Filmová a televizní fakulta Akademie múzických umění v Praze - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)
Czech Republic, 2015


After several years of absence, Linda is returning home to attend her father’s funeral on the distant island of Ödeö. The closed community holds tightly to its past, maintaining its own outlook on life. Regardless of Linda’s efforts to keep her distance, Ödeö has a habit of getting under her skin.
Original title: Ödeö
Director: Malin Nyqvist
Cinematographer: Alvi Pakarinen
School: Aalto University - the School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Finland, 2015

Perfect Place, A

In rural Vorpommern, area in northern Germany, life is changing beyond all recognition:
Villages are vanishing, people are leaving, houses sit empty. Frank, too, is facing huge upheaval: his family has decided to move to the city. That, it seems, is their only chance of a bright future.
With their departure approaching, Frank realizes how attached he is to his home.
Original title: Ein idealer Ort
Director: Anatol Schuster
Cinematographer: Julian Krubasik
School: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München - University of Television and Film Munich (HFF München)
Germany, 2015

post mortem

Loudly whispering it drifts looking down.
Original title: post mortem
Director: Jakub Wójcik
Cinematographer: Jakub Wójcik
School: Szkoła Filmowa w Łodzi
Poland, 2014

Salt Man, The

Left unsupported, Dr Sa'id 'Aram, a genius artist, is obliged to work in a salt mine with his six year old girl... The story begins when he receives statuettes from various festivals, displaying his creativity.
Original title: Marde Namaki
Director: Seyed Sajad Moosavi
Cinematographer: Vahid Biouteh
School: Soore Art University Of Tehran
Iran, 2015


Stavanger tells the story of farmer Marta who, after the sudden death of her husband, falls into into a mix of sadness, loneliness and suppression. Unable to acknowledge her loss, she is in denial about reality and grasps at the last of what is left of her husband: his lover.
Original title: Stavanger
Director: Arto Sebastian Buhmann
Cinematographer: Simon Drescher
School: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Germany, 2014


A psychological drama following the course of a single night in urban Los Angeles. Vicious takes an unflinching look at the tragic and unforeseen aftermath of a gang-related drive-by shooting.
Original title: Vicious
Director: Andrew Jeric
Cinematographer: Matthew Edwards
School: University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts
USA, 2015

What I Want

Modern-day Silesia. Ariel is a 25-year-old male whose entire life boils down to his beloved football team and his dog. For Karolina—a 20-year-old girl raising a one-year-old child by herself—the career of a cheerleader in one of Silesia’s football clubs is an illusory chance for a better life. When these two people meet each other it leads to a clash of seemingly different desires, both rooted in solitude.
The desires and the construction of characters of the film constitute an exemplification of modern culture that causes the increasing alienation of the individual.
Original title: To, czego chcę
Director: Damian Kocur
Cinematographer: Damian Kocur
School: Uniwersytet Śląski - Wydział Radia i Telewizji im. K. Kieślowskiego (UŚ WRiTv)
Poland, 2015

White Wolf

Every single day Niki visits the white wolf, the lone prisoner of the city zoo. She would do anything to get into the cage of the dangerous animal. The young gypsy girl keeps facing the strict regulations set by the strong male community of the zoo. Through her sexual exploitation we learn the young outsider’s suppressed position in a wild, male-dominated world. The story, however, ends with a magical twist.
Original title: Fehér farkas
Director: Fanni Szilágyi
Cinematographer: Balázs Domokos
School: Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem - University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest (SZFE)
Hungary, 2015