Protecting Authors’ Rights in the Digital Age

For more than twenty years, Camerimage film festival has maintained a reputation of a  haven for cinematographers from all over the world, a place where they can meet to address the key issues related to their profession and artistic work. It is here, at Camerimage, that they can discuss not only the latest technologies and creative achievements, but also the problems that contemporary filmmakers have to face on a daily basis.

In recent years, one of the most discussed issues has been the question of digital distribution of film works on the Internet and the need for a fair share in the resulting turnover. This is a problem that affects other film industry members as well - directors, editors, production designers.

During the 2014 edition of Camerimage, representatives of cinematography associations from Germany and Poland decided that cinematographers and other creators, including producers, should be able to participate in the turnover generated through the distribution of their films on the Internet, subject to fair rules. In order to draw the attention of the public, the industry and the authorities to this issue, a Memorandum has been prepared by the representatives of bvk, PSC and Camerimage.

Please read this petition and consider supporting our efforts to recognize the participation of filmmakers in the turnover generated through the online use of their creative work.


The Memorandum can be downloaded HERE.