Last chance to submit student etudes
Please note that this is your last chance to enter work in student etudes category at 24th CAMERIMAGE, The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography. The deadline is 31st August. 
There is no entry fee for the submissions and the entries can be made via Camerimage website HERE.
Submit your entries now and do not miss a chance of your work being presented at CAMERIMAGE to the international audience of students, young filmmakers and acclaimed professionals of the film and entertainment industry. 
Below please find some of the requirements. To see the complete rules and regulations please go HERE.
- A total running time of etudes from one school cannot exceed 120 minutes, and there is a running time limit of 35 minutes for each etude. Before sending their individual submissions students are obliged to consult with the school if the total running time has not been exceeded. 
- Only etudes produced after January 1st 2015 will be taken into consideration.
- A student status of the cinematographer and director of an etude during its production and postproduction is required.