Country:Belgium, Netherlands
Running time:82
Cinematographer:Nicolas Karakatsanis
Director:Bas Devos
Producer:Tomas Leyers
Writer:Bas Devos
Production designer:Jeff Otte
Editor:Dieter Diependaele
Cast:César De Sutter, Mira Helmer, Brent Minne, Raf Walschaerts
Production:Minds Meet
New Europe Film Sales
In a deserted shopping centre, Jesse’s best friend Jonas is stabbed to death as Jesse looks on, paralysed by what is taking place. The youthful perpetrators run off and their motives remain unclear. The event marks the beginning of a horrific and isolated time for Jesse. Left alone with his pain and probably his own feelings of guilt, he can find no words to express what he is feeling – either to his parents or to the other boys in his BMX gang. Their reactions are either helpless or standoffish, since they suspect Jesse of cowardice. A monstrous silence pervades their neat suburban estate.
Festival section
Feature Debuts Competition - Directors' Debut Category
Date and place of projection
17-11-2014; 15:45
Multikino - Screening Room no. 10