Country:Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, UK
Running time:100
Cinematographer:Wolfgang Thaler
Director:Naji Abu Nowar
Producer:Bassel Ghandour, Rupert Lloyd
Writer:Naji Abu Nowar, Bassel Ghandour
Production designer:Anna Lavelle
Editor:Rupert Lloyd
Cast:Jacir Eid, Hassan Mutlag, Hussein Salameh
Production:Bayt Al Shawareb
Bayt Al Shawareb
A Bedouin story of brotherhood and betrayal, set in Wadi Rum, 1916. Theeb (Arabic for Wolf) lives with his Bedouin tribe in a forgotten corner of the Ottoman Empire. Having recently lost his father, it falls to Theeb’s brother, Hussein, to raise him. Hussein tries to teach Theeb the Bedouin way of life, but the boy is more interested in mischief. Hussein agrees to escort two strangers – a British Army officer and his guide – to a water well on the old pilgrimage route to Mecca. Fearful of losing his brother, Theeb chases after Hussein and embarks on a treacherous journey across the Arabian Desert.
Festival section
Feature Debuts Competition - Directors' Debut Category
Date and place of projection
19-11-2014; 16:00
Multikino - Screening Room no. 10