Something Must Break
Nånting måste gå sönde
Running time:81
Cinematographer:Lisabi Fridell, Minka Jakerson
Director:Ester Martin Bergsmark
Producer:Anna-Maria Kantarius
Writer:Ester Martin Bergsmark, Eli Levén
Production designer:Alexi Carpentieri, Elin Magnusson
Editor:Marlene Billie Andreasen, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Andreas Nilsson, Hanna Storby
Cast:Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Shima Niavarani
Production:Film i Väst, Garagefilm International AB
TriArt Film, Outplay
Tongariro Releasing
When Sebastian meets Andreas for the first time he knows they belong together. As they weave through Stockholm’s back streets and forgotten parks, shoplifting beer from a 7-Eleven and dancing the tango on an abandoned rooftop, their intoxicating connection takes hold. While Sebastian defies gender norms – flouting convention in his androgynous fluidity – straight-identifying Andreas becomes unable to accept his attraction to another man as their relationship progresses. The film captures the intimacy of its subjects with an intensity and charge that is simultaneously transgressive and deeply romantic.
Festival section
Feature Debuts Competition - Directors' Debut Category
Date and place of projection
20-11-2014; 11:30
Multikino - Screening Room no. 10