Disciple, The
Running time:93
Cinematographer:Robert Nordström
Director:Ulrika Bengts
Producer:Mats Långbacka
Writer:Roland Fauser, Jimmy Karlsson
Production designer:Katarina Lume
Editor:Tuomo Leino
Cast:Niklas Groundstroem, Patrik Kumpulainen, Erik Lönngren, Amanda Ooms
Production:Långfilm Productions Ltd.
Långfilm Productions Ltd.
The summer of 1939. On an isolated, rocky island in the Baltic Sea a lighthouse keeper, Master Hasselbond, is a God-like figure, overseeing his despairing wife, innocent young daughter and teenage son, Gustaf, who both fears and loves him. Then an outsider comes to this doomed place, 13-year-old Karl chosen by default to become the lighthouse keeper’s assistant – much to Hasselbond’s disgust. Raised in an orphanage, Karl is determined to prove his worth. He befriends Gustaf, but their friendship becomes rivalry and hate when Hasselbond starts to favour Karl over his own son.
Festival section
Feature Debuts Competition - Directors' Debut Category
Date and place of projection
19-11-2014; 11:30
Multikino - Screening Room no. 10