The cooperation of CAMERIMAGE Festival and the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) results in the next presentation of the winners of ICG's Emerging Cinematographers Awards. ICG ECA is a short film competition open to all ICG members who are not professional cinematographers. Camerimage will present the best films entered into the competition this year.

Nurturing talent and giving promising cinematographers the crucial exposure they need to succeed in the Motion Picture Industry lies at the heart of the International Cinematographers Guild's annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards. The annual competition was first launched in 1996, through an idea proposed by Rob Kositchek, who was an assistant cameraman at the time.
Here is the list of films:

Color TV, No Vacancy

In a motel that may not belong to this world, each room is occupied by a timeless story, retold forever. When a kamikaze pilot arrives seeking his kidnapped guardian angel, his presence breaks the cycle, freeing the lost souls constrained within.
Director: Dan Brown
Cinematographer: T.J. Williams Jr.


A young father faces the aftermath of a hunting accident.
Director: Thomas Scott Stanton
Cinematographer: John Garrett


A deadly new plague linked to a mysterious dust consumes the countryside and now threatens the city. No cure has been found.
Irezumi, once a respected tracker and loving father, now lives a solitary life near the fringes of society. Behind the city walls, he is a shell of the man he once was.
Irezumi is approached by a black market merchant who attempts to enlist his services. With the city on the verge of lockdown, Irezumi, though reluctant, returns to the countryside he abandoned years ago in search of the source of the dust.
Director: Michael Grier
Cinematographer: Michael Nie

Fish Friend

You never forget your first pet: this is the lesson ten-year-old Sally learns when she discovers, the hard way, that her new goldfish is actually a bloodthirsty piranha. As Sally and her fish friend forge a lasting relationship, the carnivorous pet wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting neighbourhood.
Director: Jordan Blum
Cinematographer: Devin Doyle

Incident on Highway 73

On Christmas Eve 2005, Jeff and Kelly took a trip through the desert and mysteriously disappeared. This is an account of their final hours.
Director: Brian Thompson
Cinematographer: Jason Hafer


A man attempts to cope with the over-stimulation of contemporary society. Is a mysterious package he purchased the solution?
Director: Stuart Valberg
Cinematographer: David Kruta

Other Side, The

An undercover detective must infiltrate a gang’s compound to rescue his kidnapped fiancée.
Director: Akiko Izumitani
Cinematographer: Daniel Cotroneo



Billy, a troubled man ready to erase himself, finds mercy and companionship among the weary denizens of a rundown bar. He makes an unlikely connection with Sue, a wilted beauty, who provides new inspiration for Billy to take the first halting steps towards a new sense of purpose.
Director: Rachel McDonald
Cinematographer: Tobin Oldach