The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography – CAMERIMAGE – is not just about watching great movies and participating in fantastic workshops, lectures, exhibitions and seminars. It is also a place to meet international film industry professionals. It is very probable that one or more of our quests directed, edited or acted in some of your favorite movies. Camerimage is mainly devoted to cinematographers, but it also celebrates other artists who throughout their careers focus on the visual qualities of a movie. We are happy to introduce some of them and host them in Bydgoszcz this year:

Phil Abraham

Phil Abraham is a versatile artist. Although he is known also as a cinematographer, at Camerimage 2015 he is mainly a director (of Daredevil's pilot episode, presented in the First Look – TV Pilots Competiton) and a jury member (Music Videos Competition). He has worked at dozens of TV series, such as the iconic The Sopranos and Mad Men.


Šarūnas Bartas

The most acclaimed Lithuanian filmmaker, laureate of international awards and honors. He has created such movies as: Freedom, Visions of Europe or Indigène d'Eurasie. In 2011 Camerimage presented a retrospective of his movies. During the 23rd edition Šarūnas Bartas will present his latest work: Peace to Us in Our Dreams.

Paul Bettany

British actor, who first gained wider international recognition with Brian Helgeland’sA Knight’s Tale and Peter Weir’sMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the World, a movie supported by the Tumult Foundation, Camerimage organizer. Paul Bettany is also one of the key actors of Marvel Cinematic Universe. But at Camerimage he debuts as a director. His Shelter is a part of the Directors’ Debut Competition.

Magdalena Boczarska

Polish film, theater and TV actress, known from, among others, her appearances in the blockbuster comedies Testosteron and Lejdis by Andrzej Saramonowicz and Tomasz Konecki. Jan Kidawa-Błoński’sLittle Rose brought her the most recognition. Magdalena Boczarska will be a member of the Student Etudes CompetitionJury at Cameriamge 2015.

Michael Hoffman

American director with over thirty years of career. His credits include, among others, Promised Land, One Fine Day, The Last Station and Restoration. He will present this last movie to the Festival's audience, together with Oliver Stapleton, its director of photography. He will be also the President of the Camerimage 2015 Main CompetitionJury.

Giovanni Ribisi

American actor, known from, among others, Steven Spielberg’sSaving Private Ryan, Tom Tykwer’sHeaven, James Cameron’sAvatar or Friends TV series. He will present his latest movie, Meadowland, directed by Reed Morano, screened as a part of the Directors’ Debut Competition.

Michael Tronick

American film editor, who has worked on, among others, Tony Scott’sDays of Thunder, Martin Brest’sScent of a Woman, Doug Liman’sMr. & Mrs. Smith and Patricia Riggen’s The 33, nominated to Golden Frog in the Camerimage 2015 Main Competition. Michael Tronick will be also a member of the jury of the Cinematographers' Debut Competition.

Jerzy Skolimowski

One of the most acclaimed Polish directors and screenwriters, creator of such titles as Rysopis, Le Depart, Moonlighting, The Shout, Four Nights with Anna or Essential Killing. Laureate of the Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award for Director. His latest movie, 11 Minutes, co-produced by the Camerimage organizer – Tumult Foundation, is this year’s Polish Oscar® candidate. Jerzy Skolimowski will present this movie to the festival audience in person.

Robert Więckiewicz

Famous Polish actor, who has been present on the screen for over twenty years. His credits include, among others, Jan Kidawa-Błoński’s Little Rose, Greg Zgliński’s Wymyk, Agnieszka Holland’s In Darkness or Andrzej Wajda’s Wałęsa. Man of Hope. At Camerimage 2015 he will present Wojciech Smarzowski’s The Mighty Angel.
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At Camerimage you can meet hundreds of filmmakers from all over the world. They are eager to share their experience and immense knowledge and let you understand the essence of the so-called “magic” of cinema. Keep this in mind, while planning your visit to Bydgoszcz. It might as well be your only chance to meet your idols and talk about the movies that move you!

And these are the recipients of Camerimage 2015 special awards: